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Truth for Today Medical Missions “Caring hands reaching hardened hearts”

Mission share costs are based on airfare at time of publication and may be subject to change in the event of a drastic change in airfare. Visa fees (if applicable) are the responsibility of the team member. Covid regulations are in a state of flux at this time. Testing, vaccination or masks may or may not be required for any country at the time of trip. Country specific Covid requirements can be found at cdc.gov/travel.

TFTBMI is registered as a non-profit organization in the United States of America. A ministry of Truth for Today Baptist Missions, Inc.,  P.O. Box 91207   Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37412 USA Keep watching…more missions will be added soon!





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Other Potential Missions…

TFTMM is under the direction of Missionary Dr. Greg Waller. We are based in the United States of America. There are no directors for this ministry in any foreign country. If you see our logo on any website other than truthfortodaymedicalmissions.org or tftbmi.com,please feel free inform us on this website’s contact us page.


   We will be serving in the friendly country of Ghana West Africa once again. We will be with a wonderful group of missionaries and national pastors in the city of Kumasi.  We will hold clinics in six remote villages in the surrounding area where we will be aiding in church planting efforts and community outreach for the benefit of the local church.

   We have always seen a great need for medical care and eyeglasses in Ghana. We expect to be quite busy, there will be ample need on this team for both medical and non-medical volunteers. This trip will not be overly rugged and would be an excellent experience for first time volunteers as well as those with more experience.

Trip share: $3325.00   All trip shares must be in the Truth for Today Baptist Missions office by August 31, 2023.

Ghana, West Africa Oct 20-Nov 1, 2023 Honduras   April 20-29, 2023

Once again we will be working in the villages surrounding Choluteca, Honduras.  This is an area of magnificent but rugged mountains, populated by friendly rural folk who really need and appreciate the help we can offer.  Our host missionary, Bro. Barry Ritchie, and a great team of soul winners and national pastors have always made this a great and successful place to work.

In country travel will be a bit rough and dusty on rugged mountain roads.  We will be doing both eyeglasses and medicine on this trip, so all volunteers are greatly needed.  This will be a great trip for "first timers," but has much to offer for experienced missions travelers as well.

                                Mission Share 1750.00

     Have your share in by March 9, 2023.

  At this time, no Covid 19 vaccine needed.

Kenya, Africa  March 14-26 2024

     Pleasant climate and friendly people are features of a visit to Kenya. Our host missionary has worked with us on many prior trips, but this will be our first visit to his ministry and a new area of Kenya for us.  We will be holding clinics in 3 remote and rural areas. Two of these areas have a small church in need of growth while one area will be the start of a new church.

The need is expected to be great for both medical and vision volunteers. Clinic sights will be a bit rugged (tents) and some road travel will be involved (about 6 hours). Otherwise, this is not expected to be a physically demanding trip. As always, we anticipate great opportunities to promote the Gospel and a memorable visit to the sights and wonders of Kenya.  

      Trip share: $3675 due  by January 23, 2024

Pay Pal costs are increasing. Send your check, made out to Truth for Today Baptist Missions, PO Box 91207, Chattanooga, TN. 37412. By check only: Deposit $250.00, Remaining share $3425.00, Full Share with no deposit $3675.00. If mailed by check, your full share, should be mailed to the office no later than January 18, 2024.   

                                           Regards, TRUTH FOR TODAY BAPTIST MISSIONS.


Guyana is a land of tropical climate, friendly folks, and a Caribbean cultural style. It is an enjoyable cultural exchange since the language is English. We will be serving with a National Pastor and local church who are well know to us and have been effective soul winners on past trips.


We will be in some fairly remote villages and also town areas. This will not be a difficult or physically demanding trip, but it will likely be hot during the day. We hope to have both medical and eyeglass clinics on this trip so all volunteers are needed whether medical or non-medical.


 Mission Share is: $2450.00

     Share must be in by:  June 20, 2024.

Guyana, South America  August 10-18, 2024